Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scientific Procrastination

I should really be working on my novel in my spare time, but Zooniverse has sucked me in again. I used to be obsessed with classifying galaxies on galaxyzoo and now I am all about Snapshot Serengeti, wherein the collective power of human brains is captured to produce scientific research. You look through automatic camera captures of animals in a preserve in Africa and help identify what they are and what they are doing so the researchers have a better idea of how the animals behave without humans around affecting the outcome.
Many of the photos are just blurry or leaves or things but when you find a golden shot like this
it's all worthwhile. No one has seen these pics. You are discovering them for the scientists, just like the galaxies on galaxy zoo and all the other sites they have.
Once you get started you'll be hooked. You won't want to stop classifying the animals. Not when there are things that will make you giggle and brighten your day like this surprised gazelle.

If you want to safari with me my handle is lindarinya, as ever, your female bard.

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