Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Fan Camp

I am very pleased (ecstatic really) to announce that I was chosen to attend the Catching Fire Fan Camp weekend November 16-18th. I was assigned District 5 (which is not that far off from what I do for actual work.) I will be planning on writing a special guest post for CC2K, an site devoted to all things Geek, but I will also be sharing with you some of the highlights that might not make it into that article.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sloppy Joes!

If there's one thing Josh loves, it's Sloppy Joes. So in my quest for low carb options I have come up with the following recipe, which is a great substitute if someone you love is having trouble parting from their Manwich.

1 Spaghetti squash
1 lb. ground beef- grass fed if possible
1 can (6-8 oz.) tomato paste
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
1 onion
3-6 cloves garlic (or more if you are a geeky garlic girl like me!)
2-3 tablespoons vinegar (red or apple cider, or both)
2 tablespoons worcheshire sauce
4 tablespoons of coconut sugar (words in place of the brown sugar!)
1/2 c. beef broth

Preheat the oven to 375. While it is preheating cut the spaghetti squash in two, lengthwise and place open side down on a cookie sheet. Get the oil into a skillet or non stick pan and heat it up medium high. When those are ready, place the spaghetti squash into the oven, set the timer for 30 minutes.

Add the ground beef, onion, garlic to the skillet and brown the beef, softening the onions. Take the rest of your ingredients and whisk them together. After about 5-7 minutes add your liquid mixture to the ground beef mixture and turn down to a simmer, let simmer for the last 20 minutes your spaghetti squash is in the oven.
When the timer goes off on your spaghetti squash take a peek in the oven, you'll know if it's done if you start to see browning at the cut edges. Leave it in for a few more minutes if you don't see it, or if your fork doesn't penetrate it easily.
Take a spaghetti squash half and put it in on a plate, no need for a bowl since the squash creates one. Add a heaping helping of your sloppy joe mixture and you are done! Little effort for maximum flavor.
See how exciting it is?