Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Summary

Finally have time to share my summary of the year and my goals for the next year. It has been an interesting year, full of lots of down but some occasional ups. The ups included starting this blog, National Novel Writing Month, The Ball at the Egyptian Theater, my dance show and trying aerial silks.

I haven't had a chance to think too much about what I want out of the next year since I was enjoying time with my family over the small New Year's break but I am going to try.

First off I would like to finish the novel I started in November. That is my main goal for 2013.
Obviously continuing this blog is important, defining it more. 5 posts a week is definitely more than I can currently handle, but finding a balance of posts is achievable.

Second I would like to find a place to volunteer more and do that when I have spare time, maybe once a month.

Since I am already behind on the Leslie Sansone Mile a Day in 2013 challenge I would like to complete 365 miles over the year. I feel I can do that. And I think that will put me in a more fit place.

I would like to continue to try new activities all year long. Up first is pole dancing with my friend.

I would like to move into an apartment with a nicer oven.

Kind of dorky but I would like to achieve better posture.

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