Monday, December 3, 2012

Turkey Watermelon

We had our third Thanksgiving this weekend so I decided to do something different than I usually do.
I made a watermelon turkey! To do this you need to have watermelon that sits well on its’ long side. Once it is clean make two cuts near the ends and then cut long ways around the middle so you have a section on either end to carve. Create the head by making it round with a neck using a paring knife. Then create some eyes by carving to the white. I created the beak from scraps from the head. Then I cut a small rectangle in the head and inserted the beak. I made the waddle with a bit of the pink and white with the green cut off and used half a toothpick to hold it in.
The tail was made by cut cutting small V’s out and making them a little rounded. Then I cut the watermelon into squares and scooped it out. I mixed it with the watermelon from the “top” of the watermelon we took off at the beginning. Make sure to dump all the watermelon juice out or else the fruit you put in will get mushy.
I added berries to my watermelon for a pretty pink color palette.

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