Friday, February 22, 2013

Rock Candy Mountain

Ami and I invented a cocktail one night. Normally I don't like sweet drinks but it tastes like candy, no joke, and who doesn't like candy? You can present it all cute with a rock candy swizzle stick but it is simple and awesome.
You ready?
6 oz Fresca (Let's hear it for less calories!)
2 oz Pinnacle Gummy Vodka
Maraschino cherries
Optional: Lemon ice cubes, rock candy swizzles
We made ours with everclear cherries, leftover from New Year's, but you can make yours with regular maraschino cherries. Sprouts carries a really good all natural maraschino cherry, without the red dye.
Serve it up in an old fashioned, or whatever. You can add some gummy bears, or fish, it is a clear drink so it would look cool.
Happy Friday!

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