Monday, December 30, 2013


I read an article over the weekend regarding New Year's Resolutions and how often people fail to keep them. It discussed the idea of having a New Year's theme of things you would like to work on in your life, and I loved the idea. I did meet many of my specific goals for last year, but still it felt lacking and disappointing so I am going to embrace this change.

My theme for 2014 will be POSITIVITY.

I would like to speak more positively instead of complaining and denouncing. This will need to be a change in mindset, not just behavior. I have let myself become a bitter and cranky 30 year old without realizing it and it needs to stop now.

I would like to think more optimistically and worry less. Worry is just using your imagine for ill instead of good.

I would like to find a way to approach each day and each task I take on with more enthusiasm, looking for the bright side of each situation.

I would like to treat my body positively. Not just love the way it looks, but love the way it feels inside and out, by exercising, eating right and limiting indulgent behaviors.

And I will achieve it! 2014, here I come!

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