Monday, May 13, 2013

It Tastes Like Christmas

The weather might be bouncing around in the 90's here in California but we visited the north of Westeros this weekend, catching up on last week's Game of Thrones episode "The Climb" and last night's episode of "The Bear and the Maiden Fair". Without giving away spoilers I can at least say I was a little disappointed in their use of the bear. Not enough mauling or terror. It's a goddamn giant bear, it's terrifying, use that!

Anyway since our friends had dinner with family before our gathering we decided just to do dessert. Went to the book and decided upon poached pears. Mmm pers soaked in wine and honey and spices? Yes, please. It was pretty simple and easy to make, though I wouldn't recommend watching the show while making it, since it easily boils over if it gets too high, luckily Courtney seemed to have boil radar and totally caught it.
The pics don't really do justice to the taste. I really need a class in plating or something. But it tasted like winter, and Christmas and took us away from the heavy May heat.

We are narrowing down our wedding venue search. Pretty much just waiting to hear about about our favorite venue. It's a little unique so we have to be patient. But lots of ideas are brewing. Can't wait to share more.

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