Wednesday, March 6, 2013

National Crafting Month!

Hi everyone. I want to let you know that March is National Crafting Month. And me being me, I love any excuse to celebrate or learn new things. This month I am teaching myself the Tunisian Knit Crochet Stitch. It's a way to crochet that makes items look knitted. has some of the best photo tutorials for learning crafting so I am linking you guys to the section I am using to learn if anyone wants to learn with me! Learn Tunisian With Me.
It seems suitable for studier projects, like bags and pot holders, but once I get it down I can start playing and see how it comes out. I will post pictures for you guys later on of my first few attempts. I know my first piece if off, because I wasn't accounting for the chain 1 at the beginning and was missing that step so it sort of sloughs off to one side.
I am already looking at new crochet hooks on amazon. Oh boy!

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