Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hello All, I know my last post made it sound like I was coming back and then I went dark again. Mostly because I have been sick and busy. But now that the next few weeks are slowing down and I am beginning to feel better I have a new post for you, wedding related.

My friend Rebecca has been tremendously helpful with ideas for wedding decorations and the like. We have spent many afternoons and evenings making interesting and sometimes laughable crafts. Lately we have been honing in on the exact ideas for the wedding. Since I don't care for real flowers and I know I am going fake (ribbon, paper, etc.s th) we have tried some of those. This weekend we went brooch shopping since I confirmed that I do want a brooch bouquet. We found a bunch of cool brooches and some that even fit right into our theme. Since finding perfect ones for Slytherin and Ravenclaw I actually thought it might be neat to try a fake flower one, using that as the centerpiece.
I picked up some fake flowers, stems, ribbon and floral tape at the local craft store today and began playing around.

What do you guys think a a subtle nod to our cunning cousins? They are a darker green in person, but my camera was washing out the color. But the overall effect is neat, no?

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