Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love, Sex & Babies: A political rant

With all the craziness going on in America right now I feel like I need to add put my opinion out there. So read if you want, or don't.
I am disgusted with the supreme court repealing laws that protect vulnerable voters. Let's be real. Justice is biased. There's not much that can stop it from being that way and they stole away one of the few ways that our democracy is kept closer to just. (Not that it's close by any means.
I am happy that DOMA was repealed. I am sickened by the ongoing lunacy of those who are opposed to gay marriage. Get over it. Marriage historically has never had anything to do with being a man and woman, it was always about money, land, power and safety and there are many documented cases of men marrying men, or women marrying women for these other reasons. Gay marriage is much older than deluded opponents will ever admit to.
I am outraged over Texas and how it has culminated in some of the worst persecution of women since they were burned at the stake. Poor Wendy, I fear it will come to naught when the next special session vote happens on 7/1. I have never had to have an abortion but I would in a heartbeat if I got pregnant when I couldn't afford to care for the baby; emotionally, financially, or physically. And I wouldn't have a second thought. There are millions of actual children on this planet dying and uncared for that live and feel pain. Pro-lifers never give a second thought to the current needs and pains of these children. Why bring more children into this world who will end up the same?
If I believed in God I would think he would want to see these children cared for. As it is, I believe we only live one life and I am horrified at the way we treat our fellow man. I am fervently in the adoption camp and plan to adopt at least one child in the future. In the mean time I will fight to help those who are hurting and in pain, WHO ARE CURRENTLY ALIVE ON THIS PLANET.
Live long and prosper. May we see a world in our life times without poverty, cancer, and starvation.

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