Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Confessions of A Geek Bride

So I have been engaged since January of 2011. We have never been in a hurry to get married, partially because we didn't have the money and for the last year, since he didn't have a job. But someone pointed out that life doesn't wait for perfect moments, and perfect months, so why wait? The benefits outweigh the rest. Like marrying the guy I love, cheaper taxes, car insurance, more security should anything happen to either of us, marrying my best friend ;). Yadda Yadda. So now that we do have a little bit of money, even if he is still unemployed, we have decided to start planning out wedding.

For years I have mulled over the idea of weather to have a wedding back in Massachusetts where my family is, or out here where we live and most of his family is. And the truth is that as my grandparents get older and less likely to be able to attend the decision becomes easier to have it here, where I can control it.

I never really dreamed about my dream wedding the way some girls did. I am practical. As a teenager I was such an ugly duckling I was certain I was never going to get kissed, never mind married, so it didn't really factor in. So I have been overwhelmed by the massiveness of the wedding industrial complex. And my ideas for ceremonies and receptions have covered so many themes (Indian- with an elephant, Harry Potter themed, book themed). It reminds me of the dozen careers I pictured for myself as a kid. (Paleontologist, zoologist, entomologist, writer, television writer, museum curator, librarian, you get the idea.)

But I am pleased that we might be closing in on a location and a theme. (Library & books!) Soon you will be bombarded with my ideas and things as I take you along my quest to create a unique and fun wedding, from the DIY decorations onward. Hence the posting of this on Crafting Wednesday. I plan on borrowing from Elsa Wolf and doing a spin on the following bouquet.

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