Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Kindle

Meant to post last night but got home too late after a hectic day.
My new kindle arrived yesterday. I finally broke down and got one. A paperwhite.
So far I love it. It's about two inches smaller than the other kindle I had but I love the backlit feature. You can adjust the light level for any room. I love the X-Ray feature that lets you delve into the pieces of the book, as well as the new reading time feature which lets you know how long you have left in a chapter or the book to read, based on how fast you read.
The touchscreen is easy to get used to if you have any other touch screen devices. (Meaning it might be harder for someone older to use this device over some of the older models.) To turn pages or go to the main screen you have to touch certain parts of the screen and remember where to do that. And accidentally touching things is annoying, but I'm sure I will master it soon.
I like being able to see the covers of the books, it makes it easier to remember more about the description of the books when I bought them, because I constantly download books and have ones in my cloud from years ago I haven't read yet.
I also like the locking mechanism, which after recently losing my other kindle and fearing someone using it before I deactivated it, this adds a measure of security.
I am a huge fan of the covers you can buy and I got a cute little magnetic clasp one for under 10, just like you don't leave your phone without a case, don't leave your kindle without one.
I enjoyed going back to paperbacks for awhile, I did miss the smell, but I won't miss losing my place, or the hand cramps from heavy books, nor needing a light to read by!
Ciao for now, gotta go read!

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