Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book V8.3

Still missing my kindle. Hate it when I lose my place in real books. I need bookmarks that actually mark, goddamit! But at least when I actually go book shopping there are cool things to be found. My friend Rebecca discovered someone had given a used book store a signed copy of The Eyre Affair! Some person named Leslie, well your loss is my gain. I have enjoyed Jasper Fforde's work for the past decade and I love having a copy signed by him for only a dollar!
So I have been enjoying a reread of the series, double courtesy of Rebecca, until I get a new kindle.
In other news I am jumping on an opportunity to fulfill a resolution, again courtesy of Rebecca.
I will be volunteering to help clean up the LA Watershed. Orientation is next weekend. It's great because it goes along with 'clean in 13' as well. Josh will be joining me on this new adventure which makes me very happy. So far I am satisfied with the direction 2013 is taking.

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