Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pirate Geek!

Argh! Mateys!

This weekend is my birthday. It was hard picking an event. I finally settled on mini golf and Rocky Horror, with a round of Cards Against Humanity thrown in the middle.

That being said, my other pick was going to be this, The Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Irvine, performing the score to Pirates of the Carribean on September 1st. Bring some friend and a picnic basket and go grab a ticket! (Then tell me all about it!),5,6,6&productionID=8861

But before you do, I would recommend trying or because I think they had some cheap tickets to score, if you like that sort of thing. (What person doesn't like a discount?)

We recently used Goldstar to get tickets to Spamalot and we will be doing it again soon for tickets to Comikaze!!!

Also, if you haven't watched this, watch it! I think it's gonna be a great webseries, even if the Buffy is pretty mediocre.


  1. Your birthday plans sound fantastic! You're going to see RHPS where I used to see it 10 years ago!! Can't wait for the follow up blog on this! Have you seen it live before?

  2. Many times, actually! But not at this theater before. Last time we went was to the one in Santa Monica.